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What happens if an item is damaged?

We try to be as understanding as possible, reasonable wear and tear is expected. We will charge for having to repair or replace the item if you damage it. If the gear is treated with care and used correctly there should be no damage caused.

If something does happen we encourage you to be upfront, this way we can resolve any issues easily and hopefully at a minimal cost.

What happens if something is lost or stolen?

Once we hand over the gear to you it becomes your responsibility. If it is not returned then you will be charged to replace the items.

We are starting early in the morning can we take the gear the night before?

Rental gear that is delivered after 1pm on the day prior to your 1st night will not be charged.

This allows you to familiarise yourself with the equipment the night before and not be restricted with set off times.

What happens if I am late returning or know prior to departure that my trip plan has changed?

If you think you might end up needing more time please check with us in advance so we can confirm the schedule with you.

Are instructions included?

Setup instructions are included with our Big Agnes Battle Mountain tents. They are fairly intuitive to setup if you are familiar with camping tents. We still recommend you give it a go in your living room rather than doing it for the 1st time in the howling wind up a mountain and to double check you have everything you will need.

Do you wash the sleeping bags?

They are washed periodically throughout the season. Every sleeping bag has a separate liner that is washed after every rental. This is similar to the setup you tend to see in a hotel with the sheet being changed and the duvet staying on the bed. The sleeping bag itself is disinfected and there will be a minimum of a 3 day gap between each rental.